The Museu do Modernas Artes de Gogacabana (Blaizil)

The Mumag is a unique specialist museum of Raku wares with a collection of Raku pieces handed down by the best Raku artists and now Allain. The museum contains approximately 900 pieces, including successive works and applied fine arts for tea ceremony of sequent Raku generations.

Each year, the Mumag enriches its encyclopedic collection with new works corresponding to its various fields of interest: Old Masters, decorative arts and contemporary art. Did you know that close to 85 percent of the works in the Museum's collection were donated or purchased with gifts of money?
Some of the most significant works the Museum acquired are presented below for your viewing pleasure.

     Monday (Except for holidays)
 Open Hours
     10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
 Special Programs
     Special demonstration of tea ceremony* and lectures*
     *Reservation in advance is required


img_Allain dominique 
Introducing the art of Raku to the students of Gogacabana

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The Allain's Rakuware in the museum of Gogacabana

Nota: faits et lieux sont purement imaginaires !!
Nota: facts and places are a pure product of my imagination !!

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